Let’s all go fishing!

It’s really breezy out here today! But maybe the waters are not so choppy out your way. The tides may be just right. Maybe today’s the perfect day for you to go fishing. But you don’t fish? Gulp! You don’t fish?! You’re missing out on one of the great weekend pass-times of all time, for lack of putting it a better way, and for crying out loud. Well then, what are you waiting for? Go on, go grab your fishing tackle and rod!

And let’s go fishing then! But no, of course you don’t you don’t have a single thing necessary for the trip, hook, line and sinker. Time to head off to the fishing retail and fishing reel repair shop for a bit of browsing. Browsing, in case you did not already know, you can do online. Repairs in case you’re one of the guys that have been fishing in the past but gave it all up and let your broken old rod just stand there in the garage and collect cobwebs.

fishing reel repair shop

When all this time it could have been collecting fish, real meaty picks that you could have taken home for supper all those yonks ago. But no, you gave it all up, not so much out of boredom perhaps, but more out of frustration. Because you could hardly catch a bone. Maybe you need this then. Go to your fishing retail and repair shop and talk to the guys there about putting together a custom rod for you.

You know what this entails? It’s a rod that’s like an extension of your own arm. It’s also an effective device for pulling in the local catch. But of course, it’s been so long, you’ll need to check first to see what’s biting these days.